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Engagement Models

We understand that companies have diverse needs and so we offer them customer centric engagement models, or a combination of these to choose from considering their preferences and requirements.
Engagement ModelProject Based


An evaluation is done on the basis of work to be done, resources required, estimated time span and accordingly cost estimation is done.

Costing-fixed cost.

Best Suited

Best suited for companies that like to outsource work from time to time.

Projects are small.

When it is easy to predetermine the work to be done, resources required and time span required.

Engagement ModelTime and Resource Based


It offers flexibility to the project and allows scope for revision and new additions.

Costing: per hour basis for the resources dedicated to that project.

Best Suited

Best suited for projects that are complex.

Where the resource requirement and time span cannot be predetermined.

Engagement ModelPartnership Type


costing-per hourly basis +share of profit.

Best Suited

Best suited to companies that are new and not having enough capital to stake.

Companies willing to share risk.

Engagement ModelWork-Space Sharing Based


Clients would be provided with a supplement team that would be dedicated exclusively to the client's requirements.

costing-per hourly basis.

Best Suited

Best suited for the clients that require technology that is not their expertise.

Suited for long term and complex projects.