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Website without traffic is like a Shop without Customers. Even if you have an attractive website and great product, there is no guarantee that you will get sale. You need niche targeted traffic to make money.

In this post, I will discuss different ways to bring niche traffic to your new business website.

1. Organic Search

Businesses can get organic traffic from Search Engines like Google and Bing. Organic traffic is a free traffic which you receive when someone search your product or services in Search Engine and click on your website.

Search Engine Optimization is compulsory for every business to rank on top pages of a search engine so that you can receive maximum traffic. To rank in Search Engine, website should have quality content optimized for target keywords, and backlinks.


• If you are a local business, add location keywords and try to rank for these keywords.

• Make sure website has unique and sellable content.

• Add blog in your website and post content related to your industry.

• Contact with related industry blogs for guest posting.

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2. Social Media

Social Media is another best source to drive traffic on new website. There are many social media networks but facebook, linkedin and twitter are where you can find all kind of audience.

There are also sites like Pinterest, Instagram which can be very helpful for some businesses. Pinterest has most users from US so if you are targeting US audience this platform can be very helpful.


• Find 2-3 social media sites where you think you have maximum prospective customers. Optimize profile on these networks and stay active by posting useful content.

• Use Paid Ads if you have good budget and want to increase your traffic instantly.

3. Pay Per Click

PPC is fastest way to bring traffic on website. However, it may be too expensive for small businesses. Set some part of your marketing budget for PPC so that you can get targeted traffic initially.

Google Adwords is most popular Pay-Per-Click Advertising system. In this system, Business can display ads on Google Search Engine and other Google properties.

Advertiser pay for only clicks received on Ads. Google Adwords is costlier than other PPC systems but it is most efficient for quality leads.

4. Email Marketing

Email is still most popular medium of communication. Newsletters are most popular way for email marketing. An email newsletter is an email sent to a subscribers list which include tips, blog posts, offers or industry related information. if done correctly, it can generate tremendous amount of niche traffic.

5. Content Marketing

Every business should have a blog in their business website. More content means more ways to rank and reach target audience.

Guest Blogging is best technique to reach target audience in your niche. If you will provide valuable content, people will check your website link. Find blogs in your niche and contact them for guest post.

Businesses can also post content on related industry blogs and communities like Quora and Medium. Providing valuable content in form of text, images, infographics and videos is ultimate way to bring traffic on website.

There are many ways to bring traffic to website however it requires hard work, dedication and continuous effort. Feel free to contact us if you need any help or advice related to generating traffic.