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Software Testing

In order to sustain and grow in the competitive environment, there is no room for flaws and errors. Macrew is the best software testing services company in Mohali, India that has the best testing experts who are proficient in delivering flawless product.

We believe in Automation testing. Being Popular for its zero risk behavior, test automation is also the fastest, most accurate and efficient alternative. Macrew company provides a full range of best software testing services and quality assurance services in Mohali, India.


Functional Testing

By removing the bugs, functional testing enhances the user experience .It maintains the functionality of the system ensuring the stability in results giving an enhanced user experience.

Performance _testing

Performance Testing

It is helpful to ascertain the caliber of a system to perform under heavy load. It determines the responsiveness, reliability and the scalability of the product under a given workload.


Web Application Testing

It is done to ensure that an application is compatible with all browsers, across different operating systems all over the globe. It provides for a smooth user experience.


Mobile Application Testing

Mobile testing ensures the compatibility of the apps with all the IT devices. It helps to reduce time to market the given product and also enhances the performance by identifying the drawbacks. Further it provides end to end security for the mobile application.


Responsive Testing

Responsive testing is done to ensure a higher rank on the search engine and to keep enjoying more online user traffic.


Usability Testing

Ensures the accuracy of the product in the market by detecting bugs at  an earlier stage of development. Thereby, identifying the areas for improvement in the user interface and the user experience.