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If you are reading this post, chances are you have an idea for an App. Mostly people drop their idea because they don’t know how to convert their idea into reality.
Building an App may sound a daunting task, however, it isn’t if you break it into small steps.

You need to consider following things to create a successful mobile application:
• Market Research

• Budget

• Development

• Marketing

#1 Market Research


It is very important to do research before going ahead with the idea. It will help to ensure that you are investing on right idea. App can be developed for business or personal purposes.
You can check related apps on play store, check their purpose and think about the problems your app can solve. You should always build App for a specific audience with objective to solve their problem. It is very crucial to define your app goals.

You must also decide how you are going to generate revenue from the app. You can mainly generate revenue by building a free app with ads, sale of services/products, In-app purchase or Affiliate.

#2 Budget


You can develop app in Android, iOS or both. This decision will affect your budget. When you have a list of features you want and decided platform, you can approach developers to get estimates.

Some important things which will affect your budget:

• Which platform you want to build your app for Android, iOS or Windows?
• Do you need login and signup functionality?
• Do you need ranking system for your app?

The functionality of app will directly influence cost of building an app. You should have a list of all main features you want to provide in your app.

#3 Development


You need to hire an app developer or find technical co-founder. It is not necessary to find a developer near your location. Most businesses outsource to companies which can help in saving a lot of money.

You can use reputed freelancing sites like Upwork or freelancer to find an app developer or an app development agency. You need to check their previous client reviews and work.

#4 Marketing


After launching, the next step is to market it. There are million apps on the App store. It is crucial to market your app as well. People must know about your app and how can it be beneficial for them. You can hire an agency for App Store Optimization.
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